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 Event: St Andrews
 What’s on in St Andrews, Scotland
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A short introduction

by Pete Lindsay

Event: St Andrews was a free listing website covering events in St Andrews, holding a rolling year’s information. Using community resources – that is keeping an eye on notice boards, posters, advertisements, etc, around town, and other web sites – as well as directly submitted information, it was the most comprehensive website for what is going on in St Andrews.

Events listed cover a wide range: from fundraising coffee mornings to university open lectures, charity runs to art exhibitions, music from sacred to profane.

To be listed, events should be open to the public and within, or very close to, St Andrews. The rule-of-thumb for “very close” is whether I’m prepared to bicycle to the out-of-town venue from the town centre.

Listing is free – it could hardly be anything else given the sources, but people do ask sometimes.

About: History

The Event: St Andrews site grew out of the Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council’s news sheet and event listing, Event: which I started and ran from October ’96 to Summer ’07. The original Event: web site started in ’97 as a way of making available information on events that fell between the monthly printed sheets.

An early form of this site can be seen on the “Wayback Machine” internet archive. Take a trip back to February 1998...

About: Privacy & Cookies

Event: St Andrews does not track or store information about you.

Cookies: Event: St Andrews does not use cookies.

(For information on controlling or deleting cookies generally see AboutCookies.org.)

About: Technical

Links to other sites are occasionally checked with the excellent Integrity website link checker from Peacock Media.


01 January 2020: formal end of adding events, though I’ve actually been winding down since summer ’19. End is mostly due to ‘other interests’ taking more of my time.

January 2016: Realised I was still trawling posters for events, so quietly decided to continue at least ’til Oct ’16, which will be 20 years…

December 2015: Simplified the events html by removing the microformats overhead, to ease updating.

19 October 2015: Decided to quit…

30 September 2015: Removed Google Ads because: cookie consent laws.

19 May 2013: Think I understand now why my data xfer skyrocketed for a few days. A combination of: the size of an all year page vs the monthlies, plus the size of bootstrap's css + js vs blueprint css, the change in 404 redirection, plus a site with my old rss feed embedded – so every hit they got also hit my front page.

17 May 2013: recreated the old rss pages, now just suggesting the twitter feed

14 May 2013: Oops 2. Rolled back to 2013-05-03. Re-adding updates may take a day or two. Good thing it’s a quiet time of year.

13 May 2013 – oops: site data transfer way up – reverted to monthly pages rather than a single full year.

11 May 2013 - removed monthly pages, changed 404 redirect to the index page rather than About.

3 May 2013 – changed index.html to be the whole-year events page, bootstrap’s css. About, Contact, and Weekly pages still old-style.

24 Mar 2013 – first pass at a move to a single whole-year page and bootstrap’s css at year.html

24 Mar 2013 – first pass at a move to a single whole-year page and bootstrap’s css: year.html

4 Mar 2013 – switching to html5 <time> tags for new events, rather than <span>s, e.g.
<time class="dtstart" datetime="2013-03-30T10:00Z">10am</time>-<time class="dtend">5pm</time>
instead of:
<span class="dtstart" title="2013-03-30T10:00Z">10am</span>-<span class="dtend">5pm</span>.

10 February 2013 – changed internal day id fields for links in the month pages from d1 … d31 to d01feb13, etc.

3 February 2013 – added Header set Cache-Control "no-transform" to .htaccess to stop O2’s proxy breaking my javascript. See Stuart Roebuck’s description of the problem and solution.

6 January 2013 – added Privacy & Cookies note to the About page

5 January 2013 – Hosting renewal time – re-enabled Google ads on some pages to pay for it.

3 January 2013 – “Long” events (exhibitions, etc.) moved back into the main event column.

15 October 2012 – stopped updating the RSS feed as it seemed little used.

11 July 2012 – test: a few days back I moved the ‘long’ events, exhibitions and the like, to a RH column rather than the top of the daily events. This was mostly because we seem to have a lot of long stuff on, so the dailies were starting off the bottom of my screen. Font size is smaller to not distract from the main events column, but probably too small at present. Will tweak size on arrival of next batch of round tuits.

07 July 2012 – ripp’d out some of the selection tags/categories. Musical, Orchestra, Folk, Orchestral are gone, because I found myself thinking about at adding tags for Choral, Ballet, Vocal, Scots, Chamber, Tap, Rock, Hip-hop, &c, &c …

1 July 2012 – moved the rss feed to http://www.event-standrews.co.uk/rss.rss rather than rss.xml; is there anyone out there using it I wonder?

29 April 2012 – Marked up the event tags (Sport, Music, Free etc) as microformat Categories.

Geo tags: still in the class="location" span element, but now in an empty <abbr class="geo" title="lat;long"></abbr> following the [map]. May 2012 and new items have the format, other months’ events will be converted over the next few days.

26 April 2012 – started checking microformats with the Operator Add-On for Firefox. Unfortunately it does not recognise my Geo tags so they'll be changing.

25 April 2012 – looking at value-class-pattern formatting possibilities in the date fields.

Nothing exciting on the start date/time yet (still trying to understand the examples) but I’ve added dtend for finish times, e.g. <span class="dtend">9pm</span> in the May 2012 page – N.B. the date has to be inferred from the context of the start of the event.

N.B. (2) long events over many dates, such as exhibitions, still have: <span class="dtend" title="2012-05-19">19 May</span>

25 April 2012 – added a form of geo microformat to the Locations. Most Locations have a Lat,Long link to Google maps. I experimented with using Google’s short links (g.co) which hides these, but it turned out someone used the Lat Long pair, hence the geo to give a Lat;Long reference, which is more standard but unrecognised by Google. Ho hum.


<span class="location">Byre Theatre, Abbey Street, KY16 9LA <a class="geo" title="56.339;-2.7912" href="http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=56.339,-2.7912(Byre+Theatre)&z=17">[map]</a>

earlier entries (or ad-hoc) entries won't have the class="geo" title="56.339;-2.7912" or equivalent

24 April 2012 – changed the <abbr> to <span> as mobile IE9 formats <abbr> in tiny and I haven’t worked out how to fix it in css :(

20 April 2012 – Default event template until follows. N.B. redundant or duplicate fields are usually dropped:

<p class="vevent <tag>">
<abbr class="dtstart" title="2012-mm-ddThh:mm">hh.mm[am/pm/blank]</abbr>
[- hh.mm[am/pm]];
<span class="summary">
<a class="url" href="<#URL#>">
<span class="description"><#DESCRIPTION#></span>;
<span class="organizer"><#ORGANISER#></span>;
<span class="location"><#LOCATION#></span>;
<span class="email"><#EMAIL#></span>;
<span class="tel"><#TEL#></span>;
<span class="cost"><#COST#></span>;
<span class="tag"><#TAG#></span>.


Event tags are classes, selected by stylesheet switching.